My Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me on my “Road less travelled and beyond.” Quote by M.Scott Peck


My name is Amelia Grace and I’m 32 years old. I have created this website/ blog to bring together people with the same or similar interests and mental problems as mine, I suffer from psychosis, severe depression, extreme anxiety, ideas of reference and stress, not to mention the irritable bowl syndrome IBS, hormone imbalance and the cyst I had removed a few years back. I am on medication for each one of these disorders which you may think makes me the least objective person to be writing a blog!?!?!! LOL you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking this, but it’s because of my illness and life experiences that I am able to be so objective in knowing how best to NOW support myself, WHEN to reach out for help AND when to rest and be alone with only my thoughts. I write short stories on my life to ease the pain and remember the joyful times too. Both my parents are dead due to cancer, mum when I was 19 she went through a very lengthy process of operation,chemo,meds,chemo, it came back and within 24hrs she died, I didn’t know she had cancer the second time and she sent me away not wanting to see me watch her die. I arrived home less than 24hrs before she died, thats how I found out and lost her all at once. With dad I was 30 yrs old, he came to live me as my parents were separated when I was 11, he had lung cancer, chemo and in less than 6months I was again by his side and watched him take his last breath. I live with my mums sister who has had bad heath since she was a child and also mental breakdowns due to being bed ridden and having had cancer twice, once after my mum died and then in 2017 -18 after dad, she was operated 3 times. I have lived with my aunt most of my life, there was a stage when I did live alone, when I came off my anti depression meds on my own in my flat those were good times and another story!

To live in the present moment is what I strive for, but is so so hard when your brain is the cause of your problems. How can you determine what is reality and fiction. I was not born with all these disorders, I have acquired them through life’s hardships and sheer trauma and destruction that has occurred through not only my life, but through what I have seen and experienced with my nearest and dearest.

I want you to write to me privately or comment underneath if my posts shock you, help,you,can relate, or anything.

I love psychology, the theatre, music of all kind I was a singer many moons ago now it seems, self help books, books in general, I used to love to travel now not so much, but I’m getting better at it. I Love animals and have a little doggie who helps me everyday just by being himself.

Please be patient with me as this is my fist site, I will be honest with you and hope you will be too if you feel you can.

love Amelia xx